Passionate full-stack developer. My goal is to deliver products that are functional, easy to maintain and fully tested. I’m ambitious and talented. During my professional journey I’ve acquired creative, technical and human interaction based abilities.

Self description:

  • Fast learner
  • Ambitious and self-motivated.
  • Effective comunicator
  • Team player
  • Able to give creative solutions
  • Technically effective
  • Accessibility, usability and user experience based developing


About me:

I started developing webs for a purpose: while taking part in a collective project there was always a point where a website was needed. It appeard to me as an opportunity to learn something new and practical. With time I started learning and developing more seriously, becoming a full-stack developer that feels very comfortable working with Java Springboot, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, CSS3, HTML5 and frameworks like AngularJS. Furthermore I try to test all of the new technologies that come out that is possible in my free time, so I can come up to speed if it is needed on a new project.